Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rare February ride

I just love wearing so much gear. Actually makes a KLR look kinda small when I am on it.

So it is not too often we can get out for anything but a quick errand ride up here in Spokane this time of year. One of my riding buddies posted up wanting to see if anyone was interested in a ride on Saturday. Well since I have been doing almost nothing due to my lay-off and the crappy financial situation I decided to take him up on the ride. We ended up riding about 190 miles round trip and since the KLR averages about 50mpg and I only bought a water and a sausage stick the whole trip cost me a whopping $16. Not too shabby for a full day of riding with a few friends. We rode up north to an area we want to camp in this summer and had a pretty good time. We came across some pretty gnarly roads and had to turn around once or twice but as usual it was worth it. Here are some pics of the ride.

A cave that we stopped at on the way home. Finally some sun!

A little snow never hurt anyone. Should have seen the campers faces when we rode by!

One of the roads we turned around on. Got a little too icy.
Ride safe.