Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love can be a real "pain".

I have found over the last few years of doing this job one thing that never ceases to amaze me is what people will do or tolerate in the name of love.

This little ditty here is about a girl I will call "Jill" for the time being.

Now Jill here is a girl who has a penchant for the "bad boys". She is not even interested unless you have had more than a few run-ins with the local boys in blue.

I have been dealing with Jill for several years now over various DUIs or driving with a suspended license. No big deal. Then there is her ex-husband. Notorious thief about town all the way up to the Fed level. Drives a BMW M3 yet appears to have no real job to speak of. Funny how that works.

Then there is the current boyfriend. Not a thief, but a guy who likes to party and fight with all the liquid courage he can muster. These two manage to find each other of all places in a DUI intensive supervision court. Kind of like a drug court to lessen the charges and jail time for habitual DUI people. Very intense program that takes dedication from the participants.

Enough history lets get to the good stuff. So Jill and this other guy take a liking to each other and as tends to happen they get together in the horizontal sort of fashion. So as you may guess Jill gets a surprise a few weeks later. (no need to elaborate). Jill and her man decide the "best" thing for them would be to abort the baby and continue on their lives.

Come 3 months later and Jill and her man have a few domestic issues and are forbidden by the courts to see each other. Jill actually initiated this too. She moves around to a few places including her own place and her grandparents house in a secured gated community. The boyfriend just keeps showing up and creating problems. So one night after sneaking around and hooking up for a quickie she feels guilty and leaves him. So about 1 am or so he decides he is not through with her and shows up and grand daddys place and knocks on her window. Jill being ever the smart one lets him in to "talk". Silly girl. After a quick smack in the face from him then a full weight knee to the groin he jumps out of the window and runs.

So here is where I come in. I get a call from our control dispatch that Jill is in the hospital from an assault and being that she is on house arrest I have to go check it out. I call a partner and we go to the hospital and get the story I just told. Turns out Jill is not angry with the boyfriend or wanting to press any charges. She explains that she feels guilty because of the abortion and loves him all the same. Talk about a jaw dropper. We have all heard of these incidents but until you see it for yourself it just does not hit home. This girls groin was swollen to the size of a grapefruit and doubled over for a week from the pain.

Needless to say as far as I know they are still together although he has done quite a bit of jail time due to the assault and other legal issues. Maybe one day she will see the light.

As a closing I just want to say I hope a few people who have dealt with a domestic violence issue can come around and realize nobody deserves that kind of treatment. Woman or man. Please find a way to overcome the fear. Check out the visual below. Some things may surprise you. I know they did me.
Until next time,

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It only takes one

So as a small digression from speaking about defendants and the silly stuff they do I am going to take a second to talk about what are supposed to be the good guys.

Recently in my area we were fortunate enough to have a few motorcycle related events. One about 35 south of here in a small town and another the following weekend at our County fairgrounds. Well as you might guess for those two weekends and during that week there was a heavy law enforcement presence to help discourage some behavior inherent to any big event.

On one of the days during that week a close friend of mine was pulled over on a freeway exit and ticketed for doing 45 in a 40. Now if you know anything of the geography of the Hamilton I90 exit in Spokane you know that it is a very long bridge and many people frequently go much faster than 45 coming off the freeway to go down the hill. So just for the record my friend rides a KLR 650 (not exactly a rocket) with large bags and he wears enough safety gear to keep a GP rider safe in a 130 mph sweeper. Basically saying he is not a casual rider, but a professional motorcyclist that rides defensively and also has never had a ticket in his life. This blog is really not that he recieved a ticket but more of the treatment he recived during his interaction with the State Patrol Trooper.

So as he is exiting and coming around the corner, out from behind a tree and the corner steps a WSP Trooper pointing and shouting for him to pull over. My friend was a bit surprised by it all and hits the brake slightly locking up the rear brake and pulls over to the side of the exit ramp. The trooper approaches and my friend steps off the bike and asks whats wrong. The Trooper asks for the normal paperwork in a very rude manner and heads back to his own motorcycle. The trooper comes back a few minutes later and has him sign a ticket and hands it to him and begins to walk away. So my friend never having a ticket before has no clue what is next so he asks the trooper what to do with it. The trooper comes back and gets right up in his face and tells him to read it and he will figure it out. I know I am not totally accurate in all this but what I am getting at is the Trooper was way out of line as far as I am concerned.

So continuing on later that evening my same friend is riding down the road and comes to the freeway entrance ramp. Working his way in traffic puts on his blinker and goes a block and a woman waves at him to let him in ( not a usual thing here). Next thing he knows he sees a Trooper in a car hit the lights and pull in behind him and pull him over. So by this point with the frustration of the morning still fresh in his head he shuts off the KLR and awaits the Troopers approach. When the Trooper gets to him he is told he cut the woman off. My friend now on the defensive tries to explain that the woman waved him in and there was no way he cut her off. The Trooper looks him in the eye and says "well I guess she is not here to verify that is she."

So taking a second to soak that in, him telling me this already has me apologizing for the representation of my proffession gets better.

The Trooper never asks him for any paperwork and says get moving this is a high traffic dangerous area to be. ( um ...excuse me who pulled who over? ) My friend looks at the Trooper and asks him if he can take a second to cool off and relax from the anxiety of being pulled over again. The Trooper looks at him and said "get moving unless you want to cool off in the back of my car". So as most would do he fires up the bike and gets out into traffic and on the way home.

Like I said my point of this blog was not the tickets or being pulled over. My real point is that I am a bit ashamed to even say that I am a Law Enforcement Officer. I want to sincerely apologize for all those that have been truly treated wrong by any law enforcement and to let you know that for the majority of us, we take a lot of pride in our duty.