Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cleaning 4 You.

I am sure anyone can agree that you get better at your job or hobby or interests simply from the time you spend doing them. Otherwise known as experience. I had an In-Law grandfather that had a ninth grade education but was one of the wisest men you could ever meet. He once said to me "You can't buy experience". I knew what that meant when he said it and it rings more true as I get along in my career and life. The more I do this work and learn things some thoughts become instincts which brings me to my next inmate incident of some mild humor this time.
I work with 2 other officers that do the same job as myself but have different days that we spend in the field checking on inmates. On one particular day I was working with a partner and was looking over some notes from an officer about the type of work a particular female had listed. This woman had a maid service called "Cleaning 4 You". I also had noticed that she had procurred her license for the business just about 1 week before being put on house arrest. This leads back to the experience thing. So in my mind she was simply creating a business to be out in the community doing work under the table which does happen frequently. Upon reading her profile that was set-up on her I noticed she was telling us her daily work location (which they have to call in daily)was also one of her personal references. She called in and claimed that she was going to be cleaning this persons house for the remainder of the week starting Tuesday. Now knowing what part of town this was in I was having a hard time remembering any house in the area that took 4 days to clean. I decided it was time to do a work field check on this individual.
So my partner and I arrive at the address of employment and go to the door to find our "client" as we put it sometimes. We knock on the door for about two minutes until a man comes to the door and I identfy myself and ask to speak to the client. ( I knew she was at the residence since my reciever had an ID on her monitor bracelet) When she came to the door I asked her to step outside to speak to me and stepped back from the door. At first glance I was astounded at the choice of clothing for someone to be cleaning in. Short skirt, spaghetti string top, and 3 inch heels. Not really the cleaning attire expected in this conservative little town. I spent a few minutes going over some issues with her pertaining to her business such as the contract with the home owner and how he was paying her as well as her form of transportation. ( no license of course) She went back in the house to find the "contract" and came back out with an older gentlemen who told me that they had a verbal contract. I am sure at this point most of you have an idea all sorts of red flags are flying over this situation. Not to mention she was visibly nervous, shaking and stammering a bit. I explained to her at this time I did not feel she was performing a legal service for this man and would not authorize her to work here anymore. She readily stated that was fine and asked if she could call for a ride home. I asked her what her rides name was and she said it was "Bart" but as always does not know his last name and has known him for 5 years. So as the huge red flag smacks me in the back of the head I decided to turn up the heat a notch and ask why she was dressed as such to clean houses. At that point she pulled up her top quite fast to reveal a swimsuit top and told me she had been cleaning the hot tub and wore a swimsuit so she could get wet without ruining other clothes. Yea I bet she was cleaning the tub alright. I decided I had enough by now and continued with some other normal field check issues such as asking her to provide a breath test to make sure there was no alcohol use. I bet you can never guess. Yep she blew a .089 BAC. So after all the hoopla she gets placed in custody for a nice ride back to the jail to explain to a Sergeant her write up, loose 30 days good time, and more than likely get more time from a new court hearing. So for the ones that get it really worth it?

Until next time.